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My Super Cool Biography

Max Morrow will have produced music for 12 unique video game designers over the course of the past year. His works have been featured in games such as “Skellies ain’t Scary”, “Bionic Tadpole”, and “STRIVE”, each of which feature completely unique range of styles and genres. Max also participates in game jams frequently, where developers have a certain amount of time to create a game based around a theme. Regarding the Brackey’s 2022 Game Jam, Morrow’s music has been called “amazing” by one reviewer, among several other positive remarks for the game “Abyss Trail”. Max not only writes professional, original soundtracks for video games though; his experience includes writing for film and live performance, be it classical or jazz. 

Max has produced seven unique pieces for saxophone since 2019. One of his earliest pieces, “Anxiety Pedal”, was featured as a World Premiere at the 2020 North American Saxophone Alliance Conference. Morrow’s first sonata, performed by the prestigious Dr. Eric Troiano, Assistant Professor of Saxophone Performance at Ithaca University, as well as Dr. Tomoko Kashiwagi, Assistant Professor of Piano at the University of Arkansas, made its debut early 2022. In 2023 Max will have several premieres, including his second saxophone sonata as well as some new jazz pieces.


Video game music is Max Morrow’s inspiration, enjoyment, and serves as a goal for him to achieve what composers before him have accomplished: creating an experience to be remembered. Or maybe just make good music. 

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